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The IHCO president visits the Belgian pharmaceutical co-operatives

On the 11th March, the president of the International Health Co-operatives Organisation (IHCO) and CEO of the Espriu Foundation, Dr. José C. Guisado, accompanied by Dr. Josep O. Gras and Estanislau Simón, vice-president and general director, respectively, of the Espriu Foundation, met in Brussels with Marc-Henry Cornély, secretary of the Belgium Organization of Cooperative Pharmacies (OPHACO).

OPHACO, an outstanding member of IHCO, is an organization that contains almost 600 co-operative pharmacies, which represent 20% of the Belgian market and provide employment to 3500 people.

During the meeting, impressions were exchanged about the current work performed by IHCO as a vertebral axis of the health care co-operatives movement, internationally, and about the possible future strategies when faced with the challenges caused by the restructuring process in the International Cooperatives Alliance.

Both the OPHACO representative and the delegation from the Espriu Foundation, agreed about the importance of the pharmaceutical sector within the framework of European health care co-operatives and are committed to carrying out combined efforts to strengthen the development and the activities of the European IHCO Committee.


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