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Živilė Juknevičienė

Researcher and project manager on food safety

Zivile's involvement in research of safe food with safe materials started in 2007 when she was undertaking  doctoral studies at the Institute of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Aleksandras Stulginskis. The main fields of activity were production, quality, storage and processing of fruits, berries and vegetables. Organic vegetable raw materials, products and their quality; non traditional in Lithuania plants growing technologies. For the last decade, it has helped develop and strengthen cooperation in consumer, agricultural, manufacturing and health companies in Lithuania, because she was an manager of the 6 projects. She worked on developing and updating technology transfer from the science to business, from the knowledge to practice in several countries (Lithuania, Poland, Latvia) as a head of R&D department. In 2016 she as a director of company starts to cooperate with to social company "Draugu uogiene", withs skils are to pic up all raw materials, with are non used in the farms and small gardens and to produse products for the people who are from big families, old people, childrens. Zivile's involvement in The Silver wave project stems from the strong conviction that to improve nutrition for the elderly, we need to focus our efforts on developing products tailored to seniors by using the current food processing instruments.

Our team


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