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Lina Urbietė

Head and founder of the nursing clinic

Lina is the head of the nursing clinic of the Public Kaunas hospital. She is also a one of the founders of the clinic. From the very beginning of her career she has been putting effort into helping severely ill elderly people and their relatives. She has worked on projects such as organizing temporary free of charge care of elderly patients at the clinic so that their nursing relatives could rest from full time patient care. Lina has also worked as a volunteer in various treatment and social institutions in Germany. Not only she has helped the ones in need but also has gained valuable experience in organizing nursing and social work. She has acquired her education in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. She has gained a bachelor and a master‘s degrees in studies of society health management. Currently Lina is taking doctoral studies and is writing a dissertation about nursing needs for the elderly people to be provided at home. Also, she is a junior researcher at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences working on a project „smart gerontechnology for healthy aging“

Our team


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