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Johannes F. Kamm

Lawyer and Management Director of care companies

With more than 20 years of professional experience in the market of health, care and seniors, Johannes has many years of very varied knowledge and experience in the management of facilities and operator companies in the healthcare, the seniors and the care market. Johannes has made these experiences in different places and with different operators, in municipal as well as in private and confessional. Together with the employees, Johannes mostly had to do such tasks as:

  • to analyze causes quickly and comprehensively, draw appropriate conclusions and allow them to flow into appropriate measures, • to lead the company out of economic imbalance, • renegotiate and conclude collective agreements or company agreements with social partners and employee representatives, • to further develop the company or a single institution qualitatively or conceptually, • reflect and, if necessary, change work organization and work processes, • negotiate with cost carriers and supervisory authorities, • to include owners and supervisory board appropriately in the work, • to involve management and employees, who had retired due to special situations and lost the joy of their work.
Strategic thinking, committed work, serenity and professionalism are particularly important in crisis situations. All these qualities Johannes has acquired over the years. In addition, there is a high degree of leadership, teamwork and social competency. Without them, no sustainable change is feasible.

Our team