The market – Silver Wave

The market

Silver Wave would like to revolutionize the way care is delivered. The Central and Eastern European countries are experiencing demographic and political changes that have created strong market drivers. These market drivers, such as the rise of ‘integrated services’ and an aging population, are bringing about significant growth in the social care market. Silver Wave is well positioned to provide the home care and support that people need now and in the future to maintain their independence and lifestyle, and most importantly, remain in the comfort and security of their own homes. The CEE countries market for health and care at home is anticipated to increase year on year. Like us, the reputed international organization (WHO, World Bank, EC) believe the number of people arranging their own care and support every year is increasing. The market is expected to benefit from the demographic trend towards an ageing population and the social trend towards older people wishing to remain in their own home. The positive market development is a partial reflection of Government initiatives to promote independent living, with emphasis on reducing demand for residential care through the provision of improved care at home services.