Services for the Silver wave members – Silver Wave

Services for the Silver wave members

Our mission is to grow co-operative economy. Together we work to promote, develop and unite co-operatives across all sectors in health, and care.

Silver Wave bring health and care co-operatives together to campaign on vital issues, raise awareness of health and care co-operative enterprises and helps to create a level playing field for the start-up and growth of co-operatives

  • Co-operatives Fortnight

Once a year co-ops of all shapes and sizes will come together to share best practices, learn, and show the power of co-operation.

  • Influencing Policy

Details on our role in campaigning for health and care co-operative policy on the national and international levels and building member involvement.

  • Co-operative advantage

How to boost the Central and Eastern European economy through the innovative development in the health and care co-operatives.

Developing health and care co-operatives

Silver Wave, as the Central and Eastern European’s network for health and care co-operatives, we help new-starts get off the ground, provide specialist advice for growing enterprises and lead major programmes to develop the health and care co-operative sector.

  • Grow your co-op

Tips and tricks for making the most of your health and care co-operative enterprises

  • Advice services

Expert advice on everything from governance to HR. Discover how we can help develop your co-op

  • Training events

We offer comprehensive training on a range of disciplines

Uniting health and care co-operatives

Silver Wave, as the Central and Eastern European’s network for  health and care co-operatives,  will organize flagship national and international events and facilitate networks and workshops to enable co-operatives to connect, learn and do business with one another.

  • Congress

With great speakers, advice from health and care co-op entrepreneurs and practical workshops, this conference is all about ideas, inspiration and action

  • Events calendar.

Upcoming conferences, training events, networking opportunities and member group gatherings

  • Practitioners Forum.

Discover more and sign up for our annual sell-out professional training event.


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