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Health co-operatives included into B20 recommendations to the G20

The B20 Health Initiative, a task force made up by healthcare business representatives from the G20 countries, developed over the last months a set of recommendations and specific policy actions to feed the G20 agenda. IHCO representatives participated in several B20 meetings with the aim of gaining the recognition of co-operative business model in B20 recommendations addressed to the G20 governments. The final policy paper, entitled “Stepping Up Global Health: Towards Resilient, Responsible and Responsive Health Systems”, included under the item Improving Universal Health Coverage and Self-Care the recommendation that “G20 members should continue and expand sharing good practices on how to improve access to health, including schemes such as health co-operatives that are estimated to provide access to health to nearly 100 million households around the world.” This policy paper was handed over to German Health Minister Hermann Gröhe and discussed at the G20 Health Ministers meeting held on May 20 in Berlin. IHCO Vice-President Carlos Zarco, who participated on May 28 at B20 Health Summit in Berlin, explained that co-operative health sector has a major role in this issue, as it allows better access to healthcare to many citizens worldwide. “Health co-operatives are a great opportunity to provide high quality, cost-effective healthcare based on freedom of choice, integration of services, self-care and ethical working conditions” stated Zarco. Download the B20 Health Policy Paper

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